Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Last week daddy bought a 40inch Toshiba LCD tv. Friggin hebat plis! I was so used to moderate sized tv,when we had the big ass tv, it took me a while (still adjusting) to watch it. My eyes are quite sore as my eyes hafta travel from the far end of the tv to the other. Instead of just moving my eyes, i had to move my head also, from left to right. Adoi! But dad was quite satisfied with it. So people, lend me your dvd collection ( a dvd addict) please, so later i'll be wasting myself in front of the tv, laying on the worn out sofa, mikko sleeping on my tummy..and will only move if mama insist on watching The Bold and The Beautiful ( 3pm - 4pm, Star World). Bila la cerita tu nak habis ok. Penat!

Talking about daddy. Sent a MMS to dad this morning. A picture of a piece of paper saying "HI AYAH!" with my 20 classmates and lecturer as the background. Dad just registered his MMS, so thought of him being so jakun about MMS. I guess i should send him one. and he only replied "he..x3".. DAD! "hehehe" je kan lagi senang..adoiii~

Talking about MMS. hehehe..Send a MMS to the bf this morning also. hehehe. Instead of "Hi Ayah!"..i put "I love Riq". But sadly, no reply from him. Hmm..takpe. Sayang busy buat butter sculpture kot. The other night, had dinner at Westin KL. The food sangatlah sedap. Nak nangis bila rasa the desserts. Ummph! owh did i mentioned that im fat and big. My self confidence is taking its toll right now. It feels weird when taking pictures with cute and petite people. Took pictures with the bfs' sisters (Alin and Didi). God im a friggin GIANT!!!!


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Riq said...

x best nya baca ending dia.. humph!!! geget mau?