Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cayanngg dia!

My flu gotten worse yesterday. But, the darling bf came to Cyberia to make lunch for me; my 5 housemates! Spaghetty Carbonara! My fave! Diana, my roomie never tried it before. So she was like....

"Carbonara? Apa tu?" cute!

Lepas tu dan dan je, si bf pi suap dia one spoon (jeles jelessss!!!!). Ughh. As if!! The food was great, but we ran out of Parmessan cheese? Therefore the carbonara didn't have the much anticipated umphh! But still sedap ok sayang?! Thank you!

Went to the doctor with Ben 'Diva' @ Putrajaya. Paid rm30 for a bunch of pills. Gila banyak ok! Had breakfast with him at Mamak Kembar in Putra, then dropped by at Mamak Hassan Cyber to meet Aby. (whats with the Mamak la ok?) Sheesh!

Planning to go clubbing with Intan to celebrate her belated 21th birthday tonight. But I'm still sick. Go? or dont go? I just wanna go there and burn some fat around my butt and thighs (all over lah!). Baby and PG and the whole group are going also. There will be a convoi! hahaha!!

But inside of me tells me that I just wanna hang out with my bf at his crib, to see AJ and watch his DVD collection. Gugggly bear! But it's been a while since I went clubbing with my clubbing mate, Intan.(she's the only clubbing mate!). Besides, I've never experienced dancing with my bf. Kodi sungguh! Can't wait to watch him dance. (hands up, with kedepan kebelakang motion)

Tomorrow heading back home. To see Ayah! and Miko.Owh and Mama, Jean, Abang, Nana will be heading to London and Paris this end of December. Where will I be? in Malaysia studying for my finals. So unfair!! What ever!

p/s:need to find food recipes, to cook meals for Papa when Mama's there.