Thursday, November 23, 2006


I did some re reading from my blog. Irealise I mentioned alot about the bf! Does it mean im addicted to him???! and mylife revolves around him? aiyakk! dangerous! tapi suka laa!

Need some time alone with you

Last night went to Intan' birthday cum habes paper bbq dinner. Drove from Cyber to Damansara to fetch the 'boss' bf, then off to Keramat. Arrived at 10 pm. Met Baby, PG, Ober, Faz and of course Intans' family. and God I cant stand the horrow sight of Intans bigger sister, Hajja. She despises me. So what if i dont want to salam you! i on the other hand have the most common sense to think that u wont be needing me to shake your hand as you were busy barbequing. and telling me that i tak reti salam was wayyy mean! At least i have the deceancy to salam with your mother la ok!

So anyhooot, spent the night at bf's crib. Talked to Auntie Lin for a while, while helping myself with the most delicious chocolate in the world, Lindt Swiss Chocolate! ummph!

The next morning went back at 1o. All i wanna say is NOTHING BEATS THE FEELING WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND HAVE YOUR BF NEAR YOU. (near ok, not next!) The bf have the tendancy to sleep without pillows. he usually sleeps meniarap on the bed. Soooo cute!

K off to class! wek!