Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i miss my boyfriend so much. when he comes back i want to wrap my arms around him tightly, kiss him like theres no tomorrow and eventually get him on the bed, ravish him like a lioness devouring its prey, tasting every sweet sweat his producing after hours of love making, feeling every touch, every stroke he makes, those slow and fast breath he takes..

I MISS MY BABY!! come home soon sayang!

second chance

The highlight of my semester break was the Recharge Revelation Global Gathering in AFamosa Resort Melacca. That was it. other than that, sitting at home watching tv, endless hours of Starter Wife, Ratatouille, etc. Spend 200 bucks on paperback books, raunchy novels. Fashion mags (CLEO, GLAMOUR) thinking maybe, just maybe i could be trendy with this extra pounds on me as a results of not doing anything (even yoga) for the holiday.

It has been 2 weeks since i last had my well craved *** with le' boyfriend. as he went of to Vegas and LA for holiday. God, i wish i was with him right now! Make love to him every night after a splendid time of gambling and a full day of thrill rides in Disneyland. On the other hand, i was left here in Malaysia, waiting anxiously for him to text me a daily message. but sadly, it has been two days since he last text me. The last message was a favor for me to check out the latest PS3 game "Tony Hawk's Proving Ground's" date of release. Cant he ever take of his mind off of his games! Boys..

Sitting here in front of the pc at 12 am. nothing is good on tv, and realizing how empty and boring my life is. i just realized that i have no friends! of course i have bestfriends, theres always Intan i could run too. Da & Di for our "crucial" Coffee Bean and ciggie getaway. Farid for his stupid jokes. But i dont have a circle of 10 - 20 friends put together at one place and have a great laugh. Suddenly people drove apart when the have bfs/gfs, relationships to take care of. Im happy with the coolest boyfriend im with now, but can he be my lover and my best friend for ever?

On second thought..Do i really need 10 -20 friends..or i just need a few of them to make me happy?

Love, confused!