Monday, January 15, 2007


the bf will be all alone for the whole week! Auntie Lin is in Germany. Alin is in Qatar. and i'm a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy naughty girl. yes i am..yes i am!

ideas please?

my time spent.

this weekend will be entering malaysian tourism's 'Flora Hunt' competition. a short briefing on the 20th at 9am and the competition starts at 21st at PutraJaya! im so nervous! im very bad with directions. how can i manage to find the places according to the clues?well, its a once in a lifetime experience. mana tau masuk paper or even they will broadcast it LIVE on tv! or or maybe they will do it like the Amazing Race. uhhhhh! and if you win~ Rm1000 smackers man!

i dont need the money actually. those in Johor, the flood victims needed it the most. to me its just for fun! and maybe i could meet new friends there.

1136 pm

Yeah its 1136 pm. planning to go to bed early tonight, but a brilliant idea from the bf is what keeping me sitting infront of the pc right now. nothing's good on tv. except 'Super Sapiens' aka 'Hell Boy' at Cinemax. dah tengok! bosan!

An update on the 'jealous girl' episode. gave her a simple message saying that i know all the bad things she said on her private blog. at first she totally denied it. bullshit! then she must've realised that im wayyyyyyyyyy smarter than her, she desided to tell the truth. YES! outtof jealousy she confessed. i felt good. a girl like her to be jealous of me? hahh! at once, i mustve done something right in my life. hehe!

the latest entry she said that she felt disgust when hearing DJ Me! on Radio MMU because of my "Mean Girl"s slang. Ugh! Wuteverrrrrr! that is soooooooooooooooo me ok! so what! my slang. why the fuck should you care you biyotch! pretending to promote my airtime on MSN konon, padahal you just want your friends to listen to owhhhh soo talented me on air, just to diss me after that. you BACKSTABBING WHORE! you're my cousin for heavens sake!

she tried to take away my friends previously. by saying bad things about me to them. but they're my friends ok! they know me better than they know her! her plans backfired eventually. they stick to me. and not YOU!

i just highlighted my hair. and i copied YOU? ughhh! puhhlezzz! so you're the only one who can colour your hair? uh! common. that is sooo ntahhape2.

well, at this moment. im am better than you. you are no longer a consern to me. i pity you coz your like this. a sad sad story about my cousin who is not happy but jealous because of the new me. very SAD! please do us all a favor, and ubah diri tu sikit. everybody hates you. you're guts and everything. when will you realise that people stick to you because they pity you? honestly speaking, my favourite cousin for the past 21 years, has turned into a psyco monster. and yes, i dont love you anymore. you said you love me? they're all LIES. you're just a LIE!