Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shutting down

i shut down my previous blog.." The Mental Picture " sometimes when i visit that blog, i feel hatred. someone who hates me, reads that blog. and everything i say, she will use it against me. so this blog, a new start..newer stories..about me! fresh..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I recked my car

I cant drive dammit!!!!!!! Kesian Ujujinsan (baby savvy)! He's all scratched up all over his bumper, rear end! God! the problem is, i dont get accidents on the road, but mostly it happened at parking lots / spaces. Fcuk man! Im so dead!

The flu

PMS, Flu! owh please tell me what more do i need. its been a while since i last updated this blog. a week maybe? Mama, Jean and Abang are still in London. but they're in Le Paris now! damn im so JELESSSSSSS!!! tak aci.

So anyhoot, my exs' gf just gave me a myspace message. telling me that we should be friends. Girl pleaseee! I have friends, and i absolutely dont need you to be one of mine. Get lost ok.

Here's the story, we had a few rough times previously. Which i (stupidly) had some 'feelings' towards my ex when he was with this girl. It wasnt a 'feeling' actually. It was actually a revenge to pay him back because he gotten over me for only in 2 weeks. that prick!! 4 years of relationship, and he absolutely didnt wait to get back in the game huh!! men! This feeling basically to show him that i was still attracted to him (which i was not). So we went outon dates without the girls' knowledge, when she found out, she went ballistic! Owhh i liked that. And of course, they (my ex and his girl) had a huge fight about me. Uhhhhh yes! and i left them flat like that. i went my separate way, to find a better meaning about life. Riq!

So should i reply? No friggin way. Im just gonna pretend that she doesnt exist. to me, shes a nobody, a past tragedy that i dont wanna recall. does having one extra friend could make a difference? NO! not with her. she doesnt have what i want as a friend. for starters, a cute boyfriend!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Party @ Maison KL

Again, party at Maison KL to celebrate Fiq's birthday. Sardined into one car, da di intan jnab thebf and i. But da di went back as Halim (di's bf) picked 'em up in KL.

Danced til 3 am. then drove back to cyber with the bf after dropping jnab in Kelana Jaya. Not in the mood to elaborate more about this.

Mama, jean, abang are heading to London this Sunday morning. I'll get the chance to drive Uncle Dins' big ass Suzuki 4 wheel drive. Ohh weee!


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ahh damn!

I lost my pendrive. I have midterm exam tomorrow, and i havent studied anything! I am soooooo in deep sh!t!!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

I'm a typical university student.

Woke up at 7 this morning. Eyes are all sore from last nights crying (yes im mentally unstable), didnt have much sleep. I was already on the bed at 12am. Managed to sleep only at 3am. So imagine the sleepiness i had this morning. So anyhoot, the girls (da di nofa) didnt go to BNS class this morning. So i went alone.

The lecturer kept on going for the whole 2 hours. Owhh god! I was yawning every 2 seconds. Suddenly, stomach ache plak. My legs were shaking, cold sweat started to drop. When she finally said "ok last slide!", i was practically jumped off my seat, only to realise that she just said "last slide"..So when she ended the class, i ran as fast as lightningt. Dont care la about my jiggly ass and boobs. I just wanna run, and yakk at home. Ignoring all those eyes watching me, langgar over some cute guys. Drove like mad....and i managed to arrive on time. Alhamdulillah!

After that horrid incident. Thought about taking a nap. But assignments are all around me to keep me awake for the next century. Can u imagine, a 2 page assignment, it took me nearly 3 days to finish it up. God! When i was in UITM, i took me for like 10 minutes to do it. Aiyakk!

OK..stomach ache again..chow!

Cold heart.

He doesn't realise that he makes me cry sometimes..

the tender loving gf.

Friday, December 1, 2006


Sometimes the bf doesnt realise that once if he's with his friends or with his games, he totally forgets about me. It is a fact, that some girls dislikes it when their bf's did the same. To me, i dont have any grudges against his friends or his addiction to CS or DOTA. Boys! I get it. But not to the extent when i dont get a single "hello" or "message" for the whole night.

Hmm..Let see. I make all the wake up calls. I do all those "hi i dah habes class, im going out to eat". Stuff like that. Maybe i should stop doing that as i am not receiving the same courtesy from the bf. On the other hand, if im with my friends he'll go "yang i miss you....". If i dont reply in a matter of 5 seconds, he would go "sayang?"


Other matter -
How would u react if you're driving 120mph on the freeway, suddenly a road kill ( i think it was a dog) just lay dead in the middle of the road? I'd say.. ELAKKKKKKKKK!! and scream omigod omigod omigod!!

Other matter -
When you're mother is wrong about something.. she will end up cooking the best meal in the whole wide world! Nak amik hati la tue..