Friday, December 1, 2006


Sometimes the bf doesnt realise that once if he's with his friends or with his games, he totally forgets about me. It is a fact, that some girls dislikes it when their bf's did the same. To me, i dont have any grudges against his friends or his addiction to CS or DOTA. Boys! I get it. But not to the extent when i dont get a single "hello" or "message" for the whole night.

Hmm..Let see. I make all the wake up calls. I do all those "hi i dah habes class, im going out to eat". Stuff like that. Maybe i should stop doing that as i am not receiving the same courtesy from the bf. On the other hand, if im with my friends he'll go "yang i miss you....". If i dont reply in a matter of 5 seconds, he would go "sayang?"


Other matter -
How would u react if you're driving 120mph on the freeway, suddenly a road kill ( i think it was a dog) just lay dead in the middle of the road? I'd say.. ELAKKKKKKKKK!! and scream omigod omigod omigod!!

Other matter -
When you're mother is wrong about something.. she will end up cooking the best meal in the whole wide world! Nak amik hati la tue..


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