Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I recked my car

I cant drive dammit!!!!!!! Kesian Ujujinsan (baby savvy)! He's all scratched up all over his bumper, rear end! God! the problem is, i dont get accidents on the road, but mostly it happened at parking lots / spaces. Fcuk man! Im so dead!

The flu

PMS, Flu! owh please tell me what more do i need. its been a while since i last updated this blog. a week maybe? Mama, Jean and Abang are still in London. but they're in Le Paris now! damn im so JELESSSSSSS!!! tak aci.

So anyhoot, my exs' gf just gave me a myspace message. telling me that we should be friends. Girl pleaseee! I have friends, and i absolutely dont need you to be one of mine. Get lost ok.

Here's the story, we had a few rough times previously. Which i (stupidly) had some 'feelings' towards my ex when he was with this girl. It wasnt a 'feeling' actually. It was actually a revenge to pay him back because he gotten over me for only in 2 weeks. that prick!! 4 years of relationship, and he absolutely didnt wait to get back in the game huh!! men! This feeling basically to show him that i was still attracted to him (which i was not). So we went outon dates without the girls' knowledge, when she found out, she went ballistic! Owhh i liked that. And of course, they (my ex and his girl) had a huge fight about me. Uhhhhh yes! and i left them flat like that. i went my separate way, to find a better meaning about life. Riq!

So should i reply? No friggin way. Im just gonna pretend that she doesnt exist. to me, shes a nobody, a past tragedy that i dont wanna recall. does having one extra friend could make a difference? NO! not with her. she doesnt have what i want as a friend. for starters, a cute boyfriend!