Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God Almighty

I'm updating here in Dsara. Tonight the bf and the whole family are celebrating Uncle Boo's (Pakcik Jarni Khoo) convertion to Islam.God is Great! Having dinner at Westin KL. Awesome food please! Owh God is Great! So that means I cant sleep over anymore? hmm..

So anyhoot, told mama about it. She quoted "kem salam kat Uncle Boo" hehehe. finally! she can say that. true true.

I skipped BIS class this evening, and BSS group meeting tonight. takpelah! bukannya selalu. so, i did my nails. AGAIN! (french manicure) at the nearest Kuku Bar Street Mall .It cost me like RM28 compared to RM35 in Ampang. Student rate they called it. But both are equally nice thou. Gonna be doing it again soon. Haih! habis loan aku on Kuku je! pfftt!

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