Monday, November 13, 2006

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Finally! I've been wanting to create a new blog for months. Atlast. Recent happenings made me realise that I should get started with a new one. The old one reflects the sweeter side of me. Well this blog kinda consists of both. "Cross fingers". That's the problem of being me. There are loads going on in mylife, harsh ones, but I chose not to reveal it as it might offend other parties..but, the truth is, they're the ones whose revealling all of it inside their blogs about me!

"Ika! stop being such a conserned freak, and just write what you want to write! It's your blog, you have the right!"

"But Ika, people might read it. They will judge you. They will hate you."

From the loving bf " Stop thinking about what people might think about you sayang! To hell with them"


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ReeQ said...

true true.. just say anything dat u wan.. stop thinking wat other ppl says. but u must noe ur limits la k ;)