Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Intans' Birthday Bash

Thursday Night
Went to Maison (ladies night) celebrated Intans' belated birthday. My first time there. Crashed at Loft for a while and meet up Ryan and some friends.

Started the hectic night with Diddy feat. Nicole's 'Come To Me' track. Danced with the favourite bf. Sungguh comel pabila the bf menari. Sangat comel. Shy shy kitty plak dia.

Intan, Baby, Ira and the gang all went ting tong after a few drink. The bf and I decided not to join them as it will be a short night for us if we joined them. Hehe. Went back to Riana Green after 2 am, waved goodbye to Fiq (bf's cuz and fellow mates + Negotiation skills classmate, Nadia was there too..alamak, malu k nak menari) and off to Damansara for a good night sleep.

The next morning, woke up at 12 pm, after bf came back from class. Nothing beats a good morning kiss from the beloved bf. Had lunch there. Auntie Lin rocks. Saw AJ (kaa kaa! short for Ika Ika)


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